Frankie is a juicy / tangy roti rolled up with a variety of veg and non-veg stuffing.This product by nature comes under the take away concept because of the quickness in preparation and easy to carry packing.It can also be called a convenience food and a complete meal as it fulfills all the nutritional requirements in moderate proportion.

Our regular base is a mix of Whole Wheat and Maida. We also make a base in whole wheat and which is completely oil free as an option to the customer. We do not use Trans Fat ( Dalda ) in any of our preparation. Also to break the monotony we give new flavors of fillings from time to time. Except for the veg roll and Tawa Chicken Tikka our fillings are sautéed and not fried.The Frankies are priced in the range of Rs. 40 to Rs. 65 at our sales outlets.

The concept being that the food is pre prepared in our Central Kitchen. This prepared food is then distributed to these kiosks where it is reheated, garnished and served. It is served in food grade cases that can be easily carried and taken away. No seating space is required.

Our kiosks are gas based, as they are located mostly outside busy malls and supermarkets.Wherever there are constrains of gas usage we can have the product prepared using electrical plates for heating.. The staffs at the kiosks are in uniform and neatly dressed at all times to maintain required hygiene at the location.

Our kiosks can be altered as per the space restrains. Our counters can be 3feet/2 feet (photo enclosed) for areas where the daily sale is less than 100 frankies and we will require around 6.00 feet/2 feet for higher sale counters. The kiosk in the photo enclosed is roughly around 5 feet/2.5 feet.

In terms of power consumption we will be using induction plates for heating which requires basic 5 amps plug points only. The smoke generated from these induction plates is negligible but if required we can have a basic home chimney from FABER assembled in the kiosk itself. We will require maximum power consumption of 3kw for the entire counter.

The unique selling point of our product in short is healthy food available for people on the move from kiosks which are clean and where the customer is guaranteed that all required levels of hygiene are maintained in the preparation of the product.